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  Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans - Unsecured SMall Business Loans - Small Business Loans Bad Credit

Don't waste your time and hard earned money with traditional small business loans, use BFAdvance.com's small business cash advance instead for lenient and flexible business financing that is faster, less strict with terms, and substantially more convenient, offering rapid business cash advance approvals within seven business days! Our unsecured small business advance programs are tremendously simple, easy to apply for, and best of all, they are perfectly safe and legitimate. With traditional small business loans, you incur penalites if you pay late and penalities if you pay early, with all kinds of strings, fine print, and conditions attached. With BFAdvance.com, you do not have to worry about any negative repercussions or penalties. Our small business cash advance programs are based on a small fixed percentage of each and every sale you make via debit / credit card transactions.

Alternative Small Business Loans- Our Small Business Advance Program

Traditional small business loans are usually very complex sometimes offering predatory rates and terms such as collateral, instead, why not try BFAdvance.com's unsecured small business advance programs for business financing. Our business lending programs are designed to help your business succeed as We give you business working capital based on your average monthly credit card and debit card sales, you simply pay back the small business advance "as you go," as each credit ccard sale completed on a daily basis. With our flexible small business cash advance programs there is no need to worry about large, lump sum monthly business loan payments which allows you to focus your time and effort on making your business a genuine success!

Small Business Cash Advance- What You Can Use The Business Cash Advance On

With BFAdvance's busienss or merchant cash advance programs you can use the injection of working capital however you see fit for your business. Do you need to purchase new equipment? Need more inventory? Do you need to hire more employees? How about renovating your place of business? Maybe you need business capital for advertising and marketing? Whatever your business funding needs are, BFAdvance can help get you the business cash flow you need to make it happen. Upon your small business cash advance approval, you will receive money directly into your account within seven business days of your approved business or merchant cash advance application.

Small Business Advance- How our small business cash advance programs work

With our small business advance programs you only pay us back when you have the money to do so. What does this mean for you? You can basically take almost as long as you need to pay us back! By using our exclusive small business advance programs, you simply pay us back a small fixed percentage of every ACH/Debit/Credit card transaction, our programs allow you to keep 100% of all cash and checks your business takes in from the sale of your products and services. BFAdvance.com is the only business lending source you need to get the necessary working capital to grow your business. BFAdvance does not loan business cash flow, but advance you business funds leveraged against your estimated future credit card receivables. Whether you need a few thousand or over a million dollars, BFAdvance will help you get the business funding you need in order to allow your business to thrive and prosper.

Small business Cash Advance Companies

Contact BFAdvance today to start the small business advance application processes. By using our business cash advance services, you will no longer have to deal with astronomical interest rates banks and other business lending institutions charge. Simply put, with BFAdvance.com you are the one in charge of your business financing.


Financing you.

Financing for you.

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The Business Finance Advance Advantage
  • Get Up To $2.5 Million per location
  • 95% Approval Rate
  • 24 Hour Approval!
  • Receive Funds in 7 Days or Less
  • No Application Fees
  • No Fixed Payments
  • No Bank hassles
  • No collateral required
  • No personal guarantee
  • No UCC filing on your personal credit report
  • Low credit scores OK
  • No Tax Returns Required
Why Choose BFAdvance
  • Rate as Low as 12.99%
  • No Late Payment Fee
  • Working Capital
  • Purchase New Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Advertising
  • Business Debt
  • Seasonal Merchandise
  • Remodeling
  • In Compliance with all State and Local Regulations
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