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  Bad Credit Business Advances"

Bad Credit Business Advances

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Business Advances for People With Bad Credit

Forget about Bad Credit Business Advances - choose BFAdvance.com for no-hassle alternative business advance financing that is easy, quick, flexible, and convenient for business owners with less than perfect credit. We will finance your business by leveraging your estimated future ACH credit card receivable earnings so that you can get the additional unsecured business funding you need to keep your business going while allowing it to grow for years to come. We offer numerous programs for companies that need business financing for bad credit, needing no collateral, offering flexible business advance terms, needing no personal guarranty, and with minimal risk for the business applying for a bad credit business advance! Based on market conditions in your industry and the state of your business, we will advance you money against estimated future earnings from sales of products, services, purchase orders, and accounts receivables. BFAdvance's bad credit business financing services, has enabled many companies to continue conducting business while surviving to see a better day. The business advance, business cash advance, or merchant cash advance we provide can literally be used for just about any business expense at all. That being said, businesses that are doing well may still want to consider using our business advance services should they wish to pursue an extensive advertising and marketing campaign, hire more staff, purchase more inventory, upgrade their business infrastructure, use it for renovations, expand their business to other locations, and/or pay off existing business debt such as taxes or other business financing! We at BFAdvance offer some of the most lenient and generous business advance terms imaginable compared to other business advance companies in the industry.

Bad Credit Business Advance Services

With BFAdvance.com,our bad credit business financing are a perfect match for those with less than perfect credit. Unlike traditional loans, we don't require any UCC filing or other such legal strings and conditions. As long as your business is healthy enough to generate at least four thousand dollars in credit card sales a month, you should be able to qualify for an bad credit business advance of several thousand dollars to over one million dollars per business location. The best part about our bad credit business advance programs is that they are all perfectly safe, legitimate, and legal.

Yes, it may sound too good to be true - except that we've been in the business finance and business advance industries for many years and have helped thousands of ecstatically satisfied business owners with fast business advance approvals, with funding within seven business days, and with no collateral or personal guaranty at all!

Small Business Advances Bad Credit

With traditional small business financing, you incur penalites if you pay late, and penalities if you pay early, along with all kinds of strings and conditions attached. With BFAdvance.com's bad credit business advance services, you won't have to risk credit ratings, assets, or penalties. All that's required is minor documentation, financial documents, and a mutually agreed-upon small percentage of your daily credit card receipts, and that's it!

The alternative small business advance industry can be quite predatory, but our alternative business financing is designed to help you succeed, with affordable business advance rates, very flexible advance repayment terms, no risk of losing assets, and no penalties. How can we do this? How come we have been providing our professional bad credit business advance services for almost twenty years? Simply put, We are not greedy like most of our competitors. Our exclusive business advance services are upwards of 50% off our mainstreet competition. We advance you working capital and business cashflow based on your average monthly credit card receivables, allowing you to pay back your bsuiness advance on your own terms, basically "pay as you go" and as you make each sale via ACH,Debit,credit cards on your products and/or services, day in and day out. No complicated terms, fine print, or legalities to hold you back from running your business, and no need to worry about making large lump sum monthly business advance payments. Simply concentrate on operating and growing your business!

bad credit business financing guaranteed approval

Our special bad credit business advance programs allow you to repay your business advance only when you have the money to do so, in other words, you can take almost as long as you need to pay us back! BFAdvance.com is the only bad credit business advance company you should ever need to use to obtain the business capital you need to grow your business. As with most of our bad credit business advance programs, we don't "loan" you money, but advance you money against estimated future debit card and credit card receivables, basically a form of a credit card receivables financing. Whether you need several thousand dollars, or upwards of over a several million dollars, BFAdvance can assist you with your next bad credit business advance needs.Contact us now for a free consultation so we can discuss your company and how our business funding services can immediately assist your business!

Bad Credit Business Advance Companies

With our business financing for bad credit services you have the freedom to spend your newly acquired capital as you see fit for your business- Purchase new equipment, hire more workers, renovate the premises, run a full-fledged marketing and advertising campaign,purchase more inventory, and you could even use the business advance to pay back oustanding business financing!You can literally use our bad credit business advance funding for anything your business needs. Simply apply and receive business working capital directly into your business bank account within seven business days of your approved bad credit business advance application. Our unsecured business advance programs are an excellent choice as you do not have to put up assets as collateral, there no personal guaranties to be made, minimal paperwork, and no UCC filing against your personal credit! Say good-bye to usurious business advance rates banks and other business lending institutions charge their clients. Contact us today to get started on your unsecured business advance application, so you can focus on the making your business a long term success!

With BFAdvance you are in charge of your business financing. Choose BFAdvance.com, the internet's premier business advance provider of no-hassle business advance services for small any size and any type of business. BFAdvance funds your business success one sale at a time!

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Financing you.

Financing for you.

The Business Finance Advance Advantage
  • Get Up To $2.5 Million per location
  • 95% Approval Rate
  • 24 Hour Approval!
  • Receive Funds in 7 Days or Less
  • No Application Fees
  • No Fixed Payments
  • No Bank hassles
  • No collateral required
  • No personal guarantee
  • No UCC filing on your personal credit report
  • Low credit scores OK
  • No Tax Returns Required
Why Choose BFAdvance
  • Rate as Low as 12.99%
  • No Late Payment Fee
  • Working Capital
  • Purchase New Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Advertising
  • Business Debt
  • Seasonal Merchandise
  • Remodeling
  • In Compliance with all State and Local Regulations
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